Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 reasons why you have to be independent from your ♥.

5 reasons why you have to be independent from your ♥.

1)        You are nothing.

Your beloved boyfriend, doesn't care if you are sick. Your boyfriend does not mind even if you are just doing surgery at the hospital. For that reason you should be INDEPENDENT, STRONG and ENJOY your life with “GILER” friends than someone you love so much!
Trust me; your boyfriend will not come visit you if you stay exceeding 100km from his home!  He just sends you a message "Dear, look after yourself. I'm not there to look after you. Don’t forget to take your medicine, dear. ILOVEYOU ”.  Just a message. So, who will care about you? Where he is when you need him?  Forget it. 

2)        He is a man and act like a man. Just to show off not to care about you.

Do you happy if suddenly your boyfriend sends a message “You are the only girl who beat my heart? “ Me too!! I feel, I had an awesome life with someone I love so much! But, there is something fishy when you get the message. After a while, when both of you had a problem and fight like a cat and dog and PLUP! Nothing.   
Did he persuade you? NO. Did he love you or leave you alone? Think about it. A man doesn't know how much you love him even though you tried to be the best for him. A girl need a man with real intentions not a boy who can't pay attention. You should persuade yourself.  So, be INDEPENDENT sweetie.  

3)        Feel burden with your message.

Women usually have an ulterior motive for constantly texting their boyfriends. Yes, you do it because you're thinking about them. But you're also doing it because you want a response back.  But for your boyfriend, That’s just a burden! “STOP SENDS ME A MESSAGE!” THAT'S A FACT!  Don’t trust with a message “ Sayang, I MISS YOU”.

4)        60% FRIENDS, 39% Games, 1% for YOU.

 You should be thankful, at least he has a sense of pity for you even though only 1%. You cannot say anything if he would rather spend time with his friends than you. For him, friends are better than someone who loved him more than a friend. Jangan cari gaduh with his friends if you do not want to be left.

5)        Lastly, be yourself.

yourself than him. Take care and be a pretty, awesome, and gorgeous even though he doesn't love/care you anymore.

#do not appear needy or desperate to your boyfriend.

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